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Official Contract Signing of Guantao Luanzhou Waste Power Plant EPC Project Edit Date:2019/10/02

       In the morning on 29th Sep 2019, good news regarding GDE waste power generation business was brought. Contracts of, Guantao Domestic Waste Power Generation EPC Project and Luanzhou Domestic Waste Comprehensive Treatment EPC Project, which are invested by Agile Environmental Group, have been officially signed in the 1st meeting room in GDE office.

       At 10 am on the day, Deputy President of Haisum Co., Ltd, Chen Rongrong met Wang Zhe, Deputy President of Agile Environmental Group, Dong Yaojun, General Manager of Group Cost Centre, Luo Qiang, General Manager of Group Engineering Centre and his delegation. GDE General Manager, Zhang Qing and Dong Yaojun signed the EPC contract as representative of each party.
       The capacity of waste consumed of Guantao Project is 500t/d with one line 500t/d mechanical grate incinerator, one 4.0Mpa 400℃ medium temperature-pressure heat recovery boiler and one 9MW condensing turbine generator unit. Luanzhou Project has the same configuration.
       GDE will be responsible for engineering, construction, procurement and erection, commissioning and taking over of the project within the red line area and will cooperate the investor for Acceptance and take the quality guarantee works.
       The contract signing is a witness based on mutual benefit between GDE and Agile Environmental Group and will improve the GDE competition ability in environmental industry.
       GDE Deputy General Manager and Project Commander, Luo Jun and other company members took part into the signing ceremony.