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学术举办时间 2019年06月21日 10:00-11:30 学术举办地点 生化实验楼113室
主讲人 Kirk Schanze 主题 化学化工讲坛第四十九讲
   报告人: Kirk Schanze  教授

邀请人:彭峰  教授

主持人:乔智威 教授





 Kirk Schanze,美国德克萨斯大学Robert A. Welch杰出教授,ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 主编、ACS Applied Energy Materials主编。


主要研究方向:Schanze’s research is focused on the field of light-matter interactions in molecular, polymer and materials systems.  His group has developed and studied materials with applications in luminescence, chemo- and bio-sensing, light emitting diodes, solar cells and solar fuels.  He has authored or co-authored 300 peer-reviewed articles on basic and applied research topics, with a primary focus on organic and organometallic materials chemistry, and is named in 20 patents or disclosures.

 报告内容:The dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical cell (DSPEC) represents a novel approach to combining molecular chromophores and catalysts with semiconductors to effect light driven production of solar fuels. The talk will present an overview of work done during the past several years, involving the design, construction and study of molecular and polymer-based assemblies of light absorbing chromophores and catalysts, primarily aimed at water oxidation at the DSPEC anode.

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